Full Body Sanitizing Booth – ZAP!!

The entire world has been fighting the Corona Pandemic for the last several months and unfortunately, we have millions of cases across the world with severe number of causalities. A primary reason that the Coronavirus is spreading so rapidly is its ability to transmit from one person to other through surface & body contact which has caused the second and third infection to spread so vigorously. An important measure to contain Corona is to understand and control the level of infection spread from a healthcare point of and also from an organizational point of view. In order to contain the spread it is quintessential to keep all buildings, public places and even the people entering. Corona can survive and spread from a contaminated garment or accessory that a person may be wearing and be the cause of infection for that person and many others in his/her close proximity.


During current situation and in future too, it becomes extremely critical for a decision maker for any premises to understand that their facilities need to be sanitized and also the person entering the premises should also be sanitized at the entry & exit instances in order to reduce the amount of infection which can be carries by an employee, a patient or any other person walking into the premises.


ZAP IT is a sanitization chamber which has become a necessity for hospitals, department stores, apartment buildings, schools, colleges, hotels, office buildings or for any person owning or managing a facility in order to sanitize the entrants of the premise and contain the spread of corona & other viruses in their premises.


Why to use?

  • It can be used with working clothes.
  • By passing through mist sprayed tunnel, the risk of infection can be reduced
  • Provides safety from infections, reduce the number of micro organisms present on human body & clothes
  • Enhances the hygiene of people, visiting staff and persons coming in contact with infected people.
  • The disinfectant used in the chambers is Completely Safe and has no harm to human health.
  • Highly economical - 10 litres Concentrated Disinfectant Solution (equivalent to 2,000 litres of spraying mist) - INR 2,500 (Rs. 1.25 for 1 litre of spraying mist). 1 litre of spraying mist (INR 1.25) – can disinfect around 6 - 7 person; So, per person disinfect cost is less then 0.20 Rupee (< 20 paise).

“ZAP IT” is useful for

  • Hospitals
  • Isolation centres
  • Banks
  • Industries
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Housing Colonies
  • Bus Stands
  • Corporate Offices
  • Malls & Showrooms
  • Movie Theatres & Auditorium
  • & all Public Utility Places