Need Of Hashtag

In most large organisations, travel and entertainment expenses are the second or the third highest expense after salaries & wages and these have to be effectively managed. Corporates with substantial travel expenditure traditionally have one or more travel agencies providing travel related services across multiple locations. Frequently these services are extended on varying terms and at conflicting prices. Travel related expenses can only be calculated once all employees have submitted their expense reports. The system is both cumbersome, costly and time consuming.

Help you cut Costs

  • Help you reduce travel costs by rationalising prices and displaying negotiated rates.
  • Help you reduce operating costs by streamlining your travel procurement process.
  • Help you reduce administrative costs by eliminating delays, sanctions and unnecessary paperwork.
  • Help you reduce procurement cost by consolidating your purchases and helping you negotiate better rates.
  • Help you reduce expenses by eliminating rogue & unsanctioned purchases.
  • Help you reduce implementation costs because our solution can be activated with little upfront capital cost.
  • Help you reduce operating costs by enabling managers across the enterprise to formulate strategies based on live and accurate information.
  • Help you reduce costs by freeing precious employee time. Employees will be able to do travel bookings, receive sanctions, receive advances, receive travel related services and information, submit expense reports, get approvals and settle refunds/reimbursements in the least time possible.
  • Help you introduce cost cutting measures across the enterprise in the least amount of time possible.
  • Help you gain cost benefits arising out of increased efficiency because enterprise wide travel related accounting will be up-to-date at all times.

Convenient to access

Being entirely web based, you can access it from anywhere at any time.

Finely focused

Nothing but travel and travel based expense reporting.

User friendly

Help buttons on every menu make the site very user-friendly. Both the navigation system and the language used throughout the site is simple to understand.

Highly comprehensive

Cutting edge technology, detailed information and customer service features that the best web sites, travel agencies or airlines will find hard to match.

Highly personalised

Unlike other competing corporate travel sites, the hastag360 site understands an employee has a personal life and makes provision for him to make travel plans with family and friends as well as manage expenses of a personal nature.

Extremely powerful

A combination of database driven software and programmed logic makes our web site a powerful tool in the hands of a regular user. Both travel bookings, itineraries as well as related expenses and reports can be generated with the least clicks possible.

Simple to operate

Intuitively designed and extremely simple to navigate both for first time users as well as the experienced net surfer.

Benefits to The Corporate Organisation

  • Your organisation gets it's own customised web enabled ERP package for Travel Management & Entertainment expense reporting with little to no capital cost.
  • Uniform & unbiased pricing for all employees.
  • Will be able to consolidate purchases leading to greater bargaining power with airlines & hotels.
  • Fully automated reservation system with access also thru phone/fax.
  • On-line expense reporting system that routes reports between the employee, the boss, the administrator and the accountant.
  • Possibility of interfacing with your existing system.
  • Equivalent to having your own in-house travel agency.
  • Provides direct National/Worldwide access to employees year round 24-hours a day.
  • Provides for transparency in light of best fares, deals, routings etc.
  • Allows the administrator/authorised person to enable/disable an employee's access to the site within seconds.
  • Including the possibility of enforcing the use of preferred suppliers at negotiated rates will result in reduced costs.
  • Built-in expense reporting will result in increased accountability.
  • Since re-routing/changes are possible the system will result in increased flexibility.
  • The ability to provide data analysis and expense reports will reduce rogue purchases which generally account for a significant portion of travel expenditure.
  • The ability to define employee limits and set parameters will leave little scope to violate company travel policy.
  • Access to an individuals expense records will be defined by the hierarchy levels within the organisation thereby ensuring guaranteed confidentiality. The system will automatically route reports to authorised persons for approval.

Benefits to The Employees

  • Can make his/her own booking on-line.
  • Doesn't have to wait for the agency to call back with options after making the travel request.
  • He/she can call us or go on-line for changes, rerouting, cancellation etc.
  • Can take authorisation from his/her boss for the trip on-line.
  • Can ask for advance from the accountant for the trip after authorisation of the trip.
  • Can file in expense report on-line from home, hotel, office etc.
  • Saves time in filing expense report as calculations are automated.
  • Only travel related important information available.
  • All help with visa, passports, foreign currency and health insurance offered.
  • Can generate both personal and business reports for self.
  • Faster disbursements will be possible as expense reports submitted are routed between the employee, the boss, the administrator and the accountant on-line.

Benefits to The Administration Department

  • Can define travel policy on-line.
  • Can define travel budget for each division or department.
  • Can define corporate hierarchy on-line.
  • Can activate, de-activate employee access.
  • Can set travel limits for each person by specifying class of travel, type of hotel etc.
  • Can make sure travel policy is implemented.

Benefits to The Accountants Department

  • Will get request for advance for any trip from an employee with travel details and authorisations instantly.
  • Will get expense reports filed by the employee after being approved by the concerned authority instantly to speed up disbursement.
  • Rate of procurement of foreign exchange will always match rate used as basis in expense report.
  • The calculations for the expense report are made automatically so verification will be easy.
  • Will know instantly classification of bills from Hastag360 on the basis of paid, processing and due.

Benefits to The Finance Department

  • Can generate reports for each department, division and person.
  • Can find out instantly the amount spent on any client, cost centre, project for expenses incurred on any/all or specific categories.
  • Correct figures will reflect in the multiple currency expense reports because the rate of exchange is overseen by the accountant.
  • Can specify and define travel policies & limits for each division, department and person.
  • When cost cutting is the objective, can deactivate employees from making on-line/off-line air, hotel and car rental bookings.
  • All services will be priced uniformly at cost to which a travel management fee will be added.

Benefits to The Information Technology Department

  • Being internet based our solution supports all environments and is platform independant.
  • Possibility of interfacing with your existing ERP system.
  • Accesible beyond the confines of the intranet.
  • Compatible with both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer.
  • Requires little to none upfront capital cost.
  • Linux based data server ensures highest form of security.
  • Possibility of porting data and timely backups to client end web server.

What makes us different?

  • Everything from the design, functioning, logic and interface to the back-end software and operations are proprietary in nature.
  • Ours is a secure site with restricted access specifically designed to address corporate travel management related issues.
  • Our system is designed to handle the travel & expense reporting needs of a multitude of clients at any given time.
  • Extremely focused.
  • Designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding corporate traveller.
  • Offers the user options to make on-line air bookings directly at negotiated net fares (cost price) prior to adding travel management fee.
  • Unlike other web sites, our site makes a provision to communicate with the user by phone/fax/e-mail thereby ensuring customised and personalised service 24-hours of the day.
  • Unlike other alternatives, Hastag360 is designed specifically to offer travel management services with a solution that helps rationalise pricing and cut travel and administration costs.