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Every success story begins with a vision.

Our ability to combine the elements of energy, strategy, creativity and technology makes us a leading player in the MICE market.

We aim to deliver a well-organized and successful conference that adds value to your overall objectives.

We believe in providing qualified options in a simple and jargon free way so that you donʼt have to go sift through tons of information before making a decision. This helps you keep the focus on your core objectives while letting us to manage the rest. Be it the trainers, transportation, event planners, you can count in us to provide you what you are looking for and more .......


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We are committed to provide "Extra thoughts and innovation to make the difference". Our USP is transparent operating modules, with all our clients in catering their need of Hotel bookings, Travel Solutions across the globe for Corporate and Government, Individuals, Families etc. We cater them all with plan.


Conferencing, the activity of talking to people in different places using phone or computer systems.

Food & Beverages

An assembly of people for a particular purpose, especially for formal discussion.

Trainings & Meetings

Training is teaching, or developing in oneself or others, any skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies.

Product Launches

Product launch is a stressful time for a business owner or entrepreneur, but it is not the end point of the business structure.


An exhibition, in the most general sense, is an organised presentation and display of a selection of items.

Group Incentives Tours

Travel incentives are a reward subset of an incentive program, recognition program or a loyalty.



In most large organisations, travel and entertainment expenses are the second or the third highest expense after salaries & wages and these have to be effectively managed. Corporates with substantial travel expenditure traditionally have one or more travel agencies providing travel related services across multiple locations. Frequently these services are extended on varying terms and at conflicting prices. Travel related expenses can only be calculated once all employees have submitted their expense reports. The system is both cumbersome, costly and time consuming. WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT?


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The Company 360 SOLUTIONS works with national and international associations in the healthcare, scientific,
research and other professional fields, as well as government organisations and corporate clients.